A Memory Box is a time capsule that connects people with the past through the items inside.


These boxes are a great way to help recall events and people from the past, stimulating and prompting memories that can take you back to moments in time that are held dear and can stir thoughts of happy moments in life.


For those living with Alzheimer’s disease or other kinds of dementia, the joy of life’s special memories are eventually lost. While dementia takes away a person’s short-term memory, their long-term memory can remain intact much longer. A Memory Box can help stimulate those long-term memories and promote cognitive functioning, helping to recall happy memories and positive responses.


Our popular Memory Boxes are available to loan up to 4 weeks at a time from Leagrave Library, for just a refundable deposit of £10 per box (you can borrow up to 2 at a time).
We have a number of boxes with a variety of emotive subjects such as the 1960s, Luton and School-days available for you to choose from.


All our boxes are based around different themes and contain a wide selection of objects, music, smells and photographs.


Memory Box Workshops

Alternatively, Memory Box workshops can be provided by a member of our team at your local community club, organization, care home or, school. These are charged at £20 an hour.


To enquire/ book a Memory Box workshop please contact:

Grant Savage
Reminiscence Collection
Leagrave Library, 1st Floor Office, Marsh Road, LU3 2NL
Telephone: 07394 575455
Email: [email protected]