Purchase Suggestions / Not In Stock Requests 

Due to regular end of year financial procedures,  Purchase Suggestions / Not In Stock Requests received after 26th February 2024 will be temporarily paused until April 2024. Your request will be kept on file and reviewed in April 2024.


Searching the Catalogue

To search the catalogue, click on the magnifying glass in the top right-hand of the library website. Enter a relevant keyword in the search box (this can be a title, author's name, or subject.) The search engine will return a list of items that are available from all Luton libraries. To see all items available from our partner libraries change the Search Limit menu to "All locations".


Placing Reservations

Click on the cover of any item to see more details. This will also tell you in which library the item is based and its current availability. To reserve the item, choose a format, select where you would like to collect it and click "place reservation". You will be notified by email or text when the item is ready to collect.


Purchase Suggestions

If you can't find what you are looking for, you can suggest an item to be purchased. To do this click Account > Contact us. In the contact form subject box, type "Suggest a Book". In the message box tell us the item you wish to suggest. This should include a title, author (if known), and any required edition or date.

After consideration, our team will email you to let you know if we are intending to acquire the item for stock. Please note that newly requested items usually take a few weeks to arrive, depending on availability at our supplier and or the wholesaler.


Journals and document supply

Luton Libraries is a partner in the Access to Research scheme which gives our members access to over 30 million academic articles (more information).  More ways to find open access articles can also be found on the British Library Open Access Resources for Research pages.


To order documents from the British Library please visit British Library On Demand